Surface protection sheet is an adhesive sheet that is very useful to provide the protection of original surface from the scratches, dust and keep finishe as it is. While doing interior, painting work, use surface protection sheet. You can also remove it after work is done and reuse it.

Whatever your requirements for temporary surface protection, our surface protection sheet reduce the risk of damage to finishes on your site and reduce the cost & time of replace or repair work.

Used as temporary purposes like Disaster Relief camps, temporary force camps, and Pet areas or as protection for main floor.

Thickness: 1 MM
Width: 2MTR
Length: 20 MTR Per Roll
Colour: Only Black

Unique Advantages of our Surface Protection sheet

  • Effective Damage Protection: Provide effective ground protection for the surface areas when you are using heavy vehicle or equipment on it.
  • Save Time: It's easy to use on any type of surface without losing time.
  • Reusable: You can easily remove it after the work is done and reuse it for the other temporary work.
  • Prevent Injury: Lighter in weight and easy to lift.