Our associated company Joemillars Aquatek's bolted steel storage tanks are suitable for temporary or permanent storage of liquids including chemicals. Bolted Steel Storage Tanks made from stainless steel and you can store 50,000 Ltrs. to 2,500,000 Ltrs. Liters of liquid.
  • Used for Domestic, Rural and Industrial Purposes.
  • Main Tank body is made from Zincalume metal sheets, lasting up to 4 times longer than Galvanized Steel due to its Superior corrosion resistant property.
  • The coating contains both Zinc & Aluminium providing Sacrificial and Barrier Protection to Steel.
  • Storage Tanks for Potable Water are installed with a reinforced Multi-layer Food grade PVC Liner i.e. the same quality that goes in a blood bag or a urine bag, you see in a hospital.
  • The corrugated range of tanks is manufactured from Zincalume Steel with a standard thickness of 0.6mm.
  • The corrugated profile provides increased wall strength and durability and imposes stability of the tank from wind load.
  • Three choices of Dome Roofs namely Standard, Heavy Duty and Cyclonic Design.
Features of Dome Roof:
  • Self-Supporting.
  • Designed to allow rainwater to run off and not pool.
  • Ventilation to control atmospheric pressure inside the tank.
  • Provision for easy access through a choice of access hatch types.
  • Water Storage Tanks for Drinking Purpose.
  • Storage Requirement for Pre treated Effluent.
  • Fire Water Reserve.
  • Water Storage for Housing Colony.
  • Portable Water Storage Tank
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