THICKNESS 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm
ROLL SIZE Upto 2 Mtrs. Width.
Standard widths 1.5 Mtrs. and 2.0 Mtrs.
Standard length per roll 20 Mtrs. or as per order.
CONFORMS TO IS - 3462 and BS - 3261

Product Description

"Provide Safe Skid Free Environment with Colour & Style" Where good traction and long wear-ability are important the "Poly Anti-Skid" is the ideal flooring manufactured with Premier's Multi-Layer Technology. The super tough vinyl wear abrasion layer at the top is deeply embossed and retains color & wear far longer than any rubber and single ply sheet flooring's.

Poly Antiskid is recommended for heavy traffic areas where extra grip for walking/movement is suggested. It is designed for a long life with high wear and tear resistance.

Applications: Poly Antiskid can also be custom made to meet your special requirement like extra heavy duty traffic, application special colours, thicknesses, sizes, and widths.

Product Material: Constructed in Multiple layers is composed of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), Resin, Plasticizers, Fillers and Pigments & other additives.

Anti Skid / Embossed Flooring Installation: Installation must be according to the norms laid down in BS:8203/1987 & AS:1884/ 1985. Before installation,ensure that the sub-floor is clean, even, hard and moisture free. Polychallenger should be allowed to relax for 24 hours at uniform room temperature between 18C x to 25C before installation.

Anti Skid / Embossed Maintenance Guide: Occasional use of a pole mounted deck brush or a brush attachment on a low speed scrubbing machine and neutral pH cleaning solution will loosen ingrained dirt. This can then easily be removed by rinsing with clear water. If available, a wet vacuum can be used to uplift the dirt prior to rinsing.