Premier Polyfilm Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of Calendared PVC products. Our range products include PVC Flooring, PVC Sheeting, PVC Flexible Film, Calendared Leather cloth, PVC Geomembrane, High voltage Insulated Mats etc.

We are ISO: 9001-2008 Company. A name synonym to quality and customer satisfaction. We are committed to produce quality goods and to provide our customers with the best of services.

Premier Polyfilm ltd. Company with experience of more than a decade 20 years of experience in producing above products as per international Quality Standards. The products meet EN, ISI & ISO requirements of Fire & Smoke and Abrasion resistance, etc.

We are marketing our product under the Brand Name "Polychallenger" and "Polyfloor".

Our offices are spread over all the major cities in India with a vast network of Distributors and Retailers for the domestic market and we are exporting our products to over 25 countries across the globe.


The production capacity of the plant is 16200 MT per year and all the products are manufactured conforming to well accept quality standards worldwide. We have a well-equipped laboratory where regular and continued R&D assignments are undertaken.

The Factory houses modern Calendaring lines along with matching printing, lamination and tile cutting facilities, all imported from U.S.A.

Product listing:
  1. PVC Anti-Skid /Stud Floorings - Coin Type, Chequered etc. for extra GRIP for Safe Movements.
  2. Heavy Duty Flooring- Polychallenger for Porta Cabins, Offices, Shops, etc.
  3. PVC Transport Flooring with Silicon Carbide for Transport sector mainly Buses &Trains etc.
  4. High Voltage Insulated PVC Mats-Electomat for Sub-stations and Electrical Installations.
  5. PVC Sheet laminated with Jute/polyester backing for extreme climatic conditions.
  6. PVC Flexible film for Lamination, Shower Curtains & Rain Wear etc.
  7. PVC Geomembrane with Signal Layer for water proofing of civil structures, basements & tunnels etc.
  8. PVC Sheeting for Table Covers, etc.
  9. Poly Anti-Acidic Flooring for Chemical Labs, factories etc.
  10. Semi Commercial flooring available in Wooden, mosaic & Stone Design for Offices and Residential use.
  11. Industrial Flooring for Heavy Traffic application etc.
  12. Calendared Leather Cloth for table cover, Rickshaw covers etc.